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Our staff rebuilds, repairs, and installs standard and automatic transmissions for all makes and models of foreign and domestic cars, trucks and motor homes. From a basic flush to a complete rebuild of your system, our mechanics are well-versed in all the nuances of automobile transmission service. For your peace of mind, our business offers nationwide warranties up to 3 years or 36,000 miles with extended options available.


Here Some helpful tips for diagnosing problems yourself.

Here the Sign for the Transmission Problems:

  • Problems occurring when a transmission is trying to make a gear change.

  • A noise associated with the problem or just general noises from the transmission.

  • Problems occurring when you first put the transmission in gear.

  • Problems occurring when the vehicle is hot or cold.

  • Problems occurring when accelerating, or stopping.


Bring your car in for a free estimate, diagnostic testing and road testing services. Our extensive transmission diagnostics testing will accurately analyze your car’s problems and let you know the possible solutions. Our services include complete transmission flushes and routine transmission maintenance.



On some cars it’s called a Check Engine light; others use a Service Engine Soon light. Still others just have a light with a picture of an engine on it. The industry calls it a MIL — Malfunction Indicator Lamp. All scary names for the same thing… something that isn’t scary at all.


Basically the light means that the car’s computer has identified a problem in the system that needs attention. It needs to have the computer system scanned and checked to identify any areas that have shifted outside of the normal operating range.


Sounds confusing, but in reality that light is just the computer’s way of telling you to have your car checked. It found a problem — often one that you wouldn’t even notice during normal driving — and it needs to be checked before it becomes serious.


The computer system on today’s cars is highly complex. So the system is designed to monitor operation and set codes when it identifies a problem. Most of the time a Check Engine light indicates a problem that’ll increase emissions. And those emissions don’t have to increase much to turn the light on.


Today’s cars are designed to run a lot cleaner than those of just a decade ago. But even if you don’t really care all that much about your car’s environmental impact, a Check Engine light is still something you’ll want to have checked. 



Here at Advance Auto Transmissions, we also do full Brakes and Chasis Repairs.


Come check us out- Our friendly and courteous staff will help with any vehicle question you may have.


 All repairs backed with a MINIMUM 6 Month/6,000 mile warranty!!

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